Interview with Jamie-Lee Kriewitz

Interview with Jamie-Lee Kriewitz

Geschreven door Daniël Schalk

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz will represent Germany in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in the Swedisch capital Stockholm. Jamie-Lee found fame in Germany after winning The Voice of Germany. The past February she had also won the German national final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

We spoke with the 18 years old singer, who is soon standing on the Europese stage. We asked her why she wanted to represent Germany, what the story behind her Song Contest number Ghost is and what her thoughts are about the Dutch participant singer-songwriter Douwe Bob.

How do you feel about representing Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest?

I fell very honored and excited by it! It’s a great opportunity for me.

Why did you want to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest?

After I had won The Voice of Germany, the next morning my record label asked if I wanted to take part in the national selection and I said yes right away!

What is the story behind your song ‘Ghost’?

The message is this: There was a couple who broke up but the ghost of the relationship is still there and they both want the relationship to go on but they know that it just doesn’t work out anymore. It’s a bit sad but you need to let go. Everyone can relate to the song because they have experienced it or will experience it.

Why did you decide to represent Germany with ‘Ghost’?

Ghost was my finale song in the Voice of Germany and I decided to take part in the national selection very soon after The Voice so it felt like a natural choice.

How do you feel about being able to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, since your only 18 years old?

It feels unbelievable! It’s like a dream to me because I always wanted to be known through my music and through Eurovision so many people will hear my song.

What do you expect from the Eurovision Song Contest?

I’m going the enjoy my time there and the Eurovision feeling. I’m also looking forward meeting the other candidates.

On which place do you hope to end up at the Eurovision Song Contest?

I’m going to give my all and also cheer for the other candidates. The great thing about Eurovision is that even though there is only one winner, there are no losers because everyone is just enjoying the music and the celebration.

If you don’t win, who do you think should win?

If I don’t win I will cheer for the winner whoever they are!

Who do you think is your biggest competitor?

I think I stand out quite well with my song and my look so I don’t feel like I’m competing with anyone specific.

How nervous are you for your performance at the European stage?

I get sometimes very nervous before a performance and this we’ll be my biggest performance so far but I’m going to give my all and hope everything goes well.

Do you care about the place your are standing with the bookmakers?

I haven’t checked any bookmakers’ standings. It depends a lot of the moment. How will the performance go, who are the people watching and if they decide to vote.

What do you think about the Dutch entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, Douwe Bob?

I have listened to the other songs only shortly because I would like to go to Stockholm with an open mind. Often the songs differ from the live performances and come out much stronger.

Do you have any message for the Netherlands?

Wish me luck and vote for me! I’m really excited to get to know your candidates. I wish you have a great time watching the contest!

We would like to thank Jamie-Lee Kriewitz for her interview and we wish her the best of luck at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016! Jamie-Lee is already standing in the finals, because Germany is one of the Big Five. That's why we wil be hearing her for the first in the finals on the 14th of may.